We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

Need to Talk, have a virtual coffee with a little direction?


Our Coaching service offers more personalized care and direction for self care and understanding of the caregiving path you are on concerning your Loved One and Dementia. We will be with you from diagnosis to end if you wish or just for things that pop up along the way. Prior to having a coach meeting, a form will be sent to you to cover the basics so we don’t waste precious time during the meeting. Some of the items we can cover are:

  • Where are you at and where are you going.
  • Having those really hard conversations with grace and finesse.
  • How to handle difficult behaviour.
  • Understanding how and why you need to change how you talk to a person with dementia/Alzheimer’s.
  • How to tell family and friends.
  • How to face unexpected grief in yourself.
  • Making a sacred space for yourself.
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**COVID-19 We are not able, at this time to provide “in person” service due to Covid-19. When all restrictions for in-person and elderley contact is removed we will update “in person” Coaching and Workshops. Thank you for understanding. Stay Safe and Healthy and use our on-line features.

Online or In person
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We have a variety of workshops to meet everyone’s needs both on-line and in person. We will be posting Fall 2020 workshops very soon. To give you an idea of what we offer:

  • Self Care and the Caregiver.
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Basics 101
  • Caregiving Strategies
  • Dementia Mid stage and Onward
  • Changing how to talk to someone with Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Having Hard Conversations before it’s too late.
  • Late stage grief and loss for the caregiver.

Let’s build something together.

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