Ideas for Self Care


Emptying your mind on paper, even if only for 5 minutes, reduces stress and allows your mind to take a break. Put your worries down so you can walk away. If you’re afraid of forgetting, it’s right there on paper.

Check in with yourself

Checking in with yourself gives you insight into how you are managing at the moment and can help you realize frustration, anger, tension and sadness that is starting to build up. It might also tell you that things are going quite well. The trick here is to be honest with yourself!

Walk, walk, walk

If you are able…. Walking is one of the best ways to reduce tension and stress. Don’t walk and worry. Walk and really enjoy all your surroundings. Smell the air, really see the colors around you, listen for the birds, feel the breeze against your face. Rejuvenate.


One thing most people don’t realize is that humans tend to breathe very shallow during a busy stressed day. Make a point of stopping, even for just a moment (longer is better) and focus on taking deep cleansing breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Really feel the tension leave your body.

Practice Escapism

Allow yourself as much time as you can afford to slip away somewhere in your mind, to a place that makes you feel alive, happy and energetic. Breathe deeply and use all your senses to really delve into the experience.

Bake something

Baking, especially something new and different, can give you a break and still be productive. It becomes a distraction from your daily norm.

Create new habits

If you tried one thing a day on this list you’d try a new thing every day for two weeks. If you did it twice or spaced out a new thing every two days, a month would fly by. Trying new things redirects your thoughts towards positivity. Don’t see anything new on this list? Make one suited to you.

Plant a seed, a plant, a garden

Don’t have a green thumb? No big deal. The point here is creative. Can’t get a seed to start? Buy a plant. Take time to pot it, feel the soil, feed it, water it, enjoy the process. If you have a green thumb, be creative in what you grow, make it colorful or healthy or both. Try something new. Watch you creation grow. There is something very healing about starting and sustaining plant life that either cleanses the air or feeds you. Take your time.

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