About Us

Jennifer Oujla

Coach, Facilitator

My name is Jennifer Oujla. I am a former Social Worker, Pastoral Care worker and mom to three children of Diverse Needs. I have 22 years of experience with children and adults that have experienced significant life changes, brain injuries, loss, grief and home environment challenges. I lost my Dad to Dementia/Alzheimer’s in 2018. His journey became my privilege to help caregivers understand and walk the rocky road that can be the journey through this disease.

What We Do
  • We help you process a new diagnosis
  • We help you have hard conversations with family and friends and with your loved one.
  • We help you to understand the general processes of Dementia and the differences between the types.
  • We work with what you are experiencing in your own life and home with your loved one.
  • We help you process loss and grief from diagnosis to the end.
  • What we DO NOT DO: interfere with physician medical advice, orders or treatment. We are only here to help you walk the journey.
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